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About Karin

How many times have I told this story?

Many times... for it never gets old!

"In the beginning" I was an unwanted child of a war in Germany. My mother gave birth to me and gave me up immediately. I went into a a war-torn orphanage and stayed there for the first four years of my life. When I was "discovered" I was about four years old but had the mentality of a two year old. I had no idea how to eat with a spoon or fork. I didn't have a clue what a commode was. I was quite immature.

My only claim to fame was that I was in Time Magazine, Latin American edition

(for more details about my story please go to: Horses Of Wisdom: The Orphan)

I now have two beautiful horses, lots of rescue cats, one rescue dog and a wonderful husband.

I live on the East Coast in a beautiful area.

Author of: "Magic of Intention" and a fun book: "Confessions Of A Fake-Nail Aholic"

Professionally I wear many hats.

Everything I am involved with, I am either degreed in or have a certification in.

Here's the long list:

Master's Degree in the Philosophy of Metaphysics and am working on my Dissertation towards a Ph.D.

* Certified Life Coach (Watch for a new and exciting addition to this!)

* Certified Grief Counselor & Certified Pet Loss Grief Counselor

* Certified Instructor of Hypnosis

* Motivational Speaker

* Photographer

Now, about Photography. This was something I "played with" until I had a most unusual opportunity to step back into my passion.

My passion once again became centered around horses... a childhood love that never left me.

Not many people have an opportunity to reconnect with a past passion or love. I have to credit my husband for making this a reality. If it wasn't for him, I would probably never have reconnected with these wonderful creatures.

In reconnecting with them, I also began noticing my environment more and more. When the iPhone came out I started taking pictures and more pictures and more pictures. The beauty of this was that I also became more present and aware of each and everything. The trees, the wind, the clouds, the birds, the butterflies, and so much more!

(When I'm photographing other people animals, I use my Professional camera.)

The iPhone is for those spontaneous moments and it generally happens when I'm walking my dog, Meadow, in the early morning, or evening, snow, rain, you name it ... I take pictures!

I see beauty in everything... and my heart has expanded.

My soul led me to where I am now... an aware and appreciative human being.

So, I gladly offer my "gifts" to the world and hopefully the "positive energy" filled in each photo touches the heart and soul of many.

~ Karin Janin