The Messanger of Hope
(Photo © by Karin Janin)

Let's talk about Grief:

We, at some point in our lives, experience grief - some more than others.

Grief covers many areas. For example:

The loss of a friend or family member.

The loss of a job - The loss of a relationship - The loss of self-esteem

The loss of an item that meant everything to you

The loss of an animal be it a fish, gerbel, dog, cat, bird, horse, etc. (Large or Small)

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is a wonderful tool to help those who are "stuck" in achieving their goals. Whether it be weight loss, a new job, desiring to become self-employed, stopping a bad habit, relationships as well as Grief.

As a Grief Counselor and a Life Coach, I can help you walk through the pain and rebuild your life.

I am not a Grief Therapist so if your pain is extremely severe, I would recommend that you receive the aid of a Grief Therapist.

Grief Counseling
In Grief Counseling, I can help you through the process of grieving your loss. Everyone grieves differently. There are no timeframes to "get over it." Grieving is important in the process of "letting go" but not forgetting. When you love someone you lost it's not about "getting over" but it is about honoring and memorializing as well as taking care of yourself.
Another wonderful tool for healing is visualization. It too helps in the healing process. Perhaps there is something you wished you had said but didn't have a chance. Through the visualization process YOU CAN achieve that goal.
Pet Loss Grief Counseling

Pet Loss Grief Counseling is a fairly new program in that, it has been noticed that many who have lost their animal(s), grieve in a special way. I know I have experienced it and found many people not understanding why I would cry for an animal. Years ago I lost my horse Baby - I never quite loving her and was thankful for the opportunity to have known her. Through the years, I would think about her from time to time and sometimes a tear or two would fall.

Remember, love never dies. And when I became involved again with horses, she had everything to do with that. I re-grieved the loss of her but was thankful that she was instrumental in my having horses again. Her energy lives on and from time to time she "visits" me. She is clearly pleased that I am back "where I belonged."

I have another webiste that tells the story: Horses Of Wisdom

You can read it there...

My love for animals is GREAT and I feel that I have a strong understanding of what YOU go through when YOU have lost an animal (your best friend).